Construction, Maintenance, and Design-Build for temperature-controlled facilities

We design-build (and provide service/maintenance for) temperature-controlled facilities and refrigeration systems. Our clients include pre-cooling & cold storage facilities, freezer warehouses, consolidation & distribution centers, and cross dock facilities.

Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive solutions for businesses involved in the storage, transportation, and distribution of temperature-sensitive products, ensuring that their facilities and systems meet the necessary standards for quality and safety.

Our Clients

Our clients are businesses or organizations involved in various aspects of the cold chain, including:

Pre-cooling & Cold Storage Facilities

These are facilities where produce or other perishable goods are cooled or chilled immediately after harvest or production to extend their shelf life.

Freezer Warehouses

These are storage facilities where products are kept at sub-zero temperatures to preserve their quality and freshness.

Consolidation & Distribution Centers

These are facilities where goods from multiple sources are collected, sorted, and then distributed to various destinations.

Cross Dock Facilities

These facilities serve as intermediate points where incoming goods are sorted and transferred directly to outgoing transportation without being stored for long periods.

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