Mobile Engine Room

Up To 7.5 Tons Per Hour / 180 Tons Per 24 Hours


GEA FES Inc. Model 475GL single screw compressor; package to contain a 101” coalescing oil separator, liquid injection oil cooling, 500hp drive motor 460 VAC epoxy enclosed and space heater, microprocessor V series UL control panel, and all valves. 

Evaporative Condenser 

Evapco Model LSCB-535L having one (1) 5hp water pump and two (2) 25hp fan motors. 

Liquid Refrigeration Feed System 

FMG “Ammonia Miser” critical charge feed system. FMG design combination pilot receiver and liquid injection oil cooling reservoir. Phillips high side float and metering valves. ASME code vessel. 


All piping to comply with ANSI, ASME, and ASTM specifications is completed in the shop of PHT by certified welders, with all weldments stamped. Unit to be shop tested prior to shipment, then cleaned and detailed prior to delivery. 


All on board motor starters and components controls (800 amp) will be mounted above deck for easy operator access; all panels to carry UL rating and be outdoor and weatherproof.